Cap-tivating Performance: How a Running Cap Can Give You the Edge You Need

Cap-tivating Performance: How a Running Cap Can Give You the Edge You Need


Fifteen percent of the U.S. population participates in running or jogging of some form. Are you a member of this group? If so, you need a running hat.

This handy piece of running gear is not one you want to be without. It's the perfect tool for dealing with most of the typical running troubles.

Of course, you're probably wondering what these running troubles are and what benefits you can get from the best running caps. If so, worry not! You won't need to wonder for long.

Why You Should Run with a Cap

No, not just any cap can be the best running cap. Your run-of-the-mill visor, baseball cap, or another cap can solve some of your running issues. But it can't solve them all.

If you want to up your running game to its best potential, you need the best run cap. It should have most, if not all, of the following features:

  • Eye protection
  • Style
  • Great fit
  • Breathability
  • Reflectivity or brightness
  • Moisture wicking fabric
  • Waterproof

Yes, hats with all these features can be worth quite a pretty penny at times. But you're going to want a hat that has at least some of these features. If you get a hat with only a few running cap features, you're going to miss out on most of the following awesome benefits:

Protection from the Sun

This won't be as useful during the cloudy winter months. But you'll be extremely grateful for the sun protection that these hats can give you when the sun is out and shining. You won't end up running into a tree or pole because the sunshine blinded you.

You also won't hurt your eyes. You may think that you should power through this. Exercising is all about going through the pain to get your gains.

However, the phrase "no pain, no gain" doesn't apply to your eyes. Your eyes won't become stronger against sunlight if they're constantly exposed to it. They'll likely end up getting weaker.

Keeps Sweat Out of Your Eyes

Here's another thing that can blind you: sweat. You can reach up and wipe the sweat away. But to do so, you'll have to take your focus away from running.

While you're unfocused, the person behind you can quickly become the person in front of you. Prevent this from happening by letting your hat take care of your sweat. The right hat will direct your sweat to a less distracting spot.



Enhances Performance in Wet Conditions

Don't let a little rain ruin your exercise streak. Waterproof running caps can keep the water from dripping down your face and making you miserable. This misery can make it harder for you to give it your all.

Plus, the water that soaks into your hair can weigh you down. You can end up carrying the water-weight equivalent of a grapefruit if your clothes are absorbent enough.

Sure, the extra weight can help you run faster later. But if you're racing, you can't wait for your body to adapt to your soaking-wet weight.

Prevents Overheating

Okay, who hates heat? Pretty much everyone does. They also hate clothes that make them hotter than it seems necessary.

A mens running cap or women's running cap with a breathable fabric won't overheat you. Any heat that rises out of your head should quickly escape into the air. When you're not in danger of developing any number of heat-related diseases, you should run a lot faster.

Adds Visibility

The best running caps need reflective surfaces and/or fluorescent colors. These decorations keep drivers from running you over in dark conditions.

Even if you intend to use your cap as a trail running cap, you still need to get a brightly colored one. If you become lost, any rescuers can find you faster. Also, if you're running with a partner, they won't lose you.

Reduces Wind Resistance

What's more aerodynamic: hair or a smooth surface? The smooth surface is the winner. The wind flows over a smooth surface much more easily than a textured surface.

To run faster, you'll need the smooth surface of a women's or men's running cap. The wind can flow over it without slowing you down.

Protects Hair and Scalp

Even the best running hats won't offer you the same protection as a helmet. But you shouldn't need a helmet while you're running. You can run into branches and certain weather debris, but these shouldn't cause severe injuries.

The cushion of a running hat's fabric should be enough to keep you protected from these natural enemies. If something hits you, you'll just get a minor bump on the head. In all likelihood, you can brush the injury off and keep going.

Style and Confidence

Some people don't care how they look when they're running. But many people do. They may even lose their flow when they feel they don't look fly.

Well, running caps won't leave those who like speed and style behind, either. Designers from top sports brands never skimp on beauty. And with so many designs and colors, you can easily find a cap that fits well with your t-shirt, leggings, and/or other running gear.

Get Quality Performance Hats and Caps at LÉ BENT

A running hat can give you a more comfortable run. And when you're comfortable, it's guaranteed that you'll run several times better than any competitor. This will make you far more likely to win the prize you're coveting.

If you want a high-quality running cap, look no further than the choices in our collection. In particular, we recommend our Blueys 5 Panel Running Cap. It was made for the labyrinthine trails of Australia's blue mountains.

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