We've been provided this natural playground, which is here by chance, not privilege. Every toe we put in the sand, each turn we make in the snow, or tread we leave in the dirt can dissolve without a trace.

At Le Bent we believe what we wear in the elements should not alter this impact.





The wool from sheep is as 100% natural as it gets, and sheep will quickly re-grow their coat as the climate around them demands it. Lé Bent uses non-mulesed Merino. Bamboo is a permanent and rapidly growing evergreen plant requiring zero pesticides, uses far less water than trees and cotton and helps prevent soil erosion. Our bamboo is certified by (OCIA) Organic Crops Improvement Association International.



The bamboo process uses a closed loop system. It’s processed in a hermetic container where the chemicals that are used are trapped and contained. OEKO-TEX STANDARD 100 certified.





Our manufacturing and supply partners are certified under the Worldwide Responsible Accredited Production (WRAP) program which monitors lawful, humane and ethical standards across the apparel/textile, footwear, and sewn products industries.




Our commitment to maximise recycling capability is apparent throughout our products and packaging measures. We have evolved our packaging to be made from over 95% recyclable materials across the range and when you receive a package from our online store it will arrive in a 'dirtbag', yep, a real dirt-bag made from sustainable plants and non-toxic, compostable resin. Read about them HERE





Whether it’s pre-production samples to threads we wear on our back each day, our team believes in continuing to use a product for years before it goes down the line. Our aim is to promote the long use of our (or any) product and passing it down responsibly. The materials used in producing our products come from nature, so we want to return them in a manner which causes minimal impact.


So, once you think you’re done with a product we ask that you make the choice to repair it for continued use, donate for good, or repurpose use the material for another day. Mother nature will be healthier for it and you’ll gain mucho respect points from us.