Boom! Sammy Carlson or Sammy C to many has been doing crazy things on two planks for a while now. Wikipedia even has him listed as the “the first skier to execute a switch triple rodeo 1260 in July 2010 at Mt Hood.” Getting a Wikipedia page as a skier isn’t easy folks. But neither is anything Sammy C does for that matter. Now 30 years of age, the 8-time 'X Games' medallist has taken his cat like freestyle abilities into the BC for the last few years and is unquestionably one of the best riders building booters out there today. 

We flicked Sammy a few socks last season and couldn’t be more pumped to officially announce his addition to the team. We had a brief chat with Sammy to welcome him aboard and see what the future holds. 



LB: Hey Sammy, thanks for chatting with us, how’ve you been man?

Hey guys, things have been good. Getting ready for another winter up here in BC, after an awesome summer. I have been spending lots of time training this fall, getting the body strong and ready to go for the season. Skiing again now, it feels good to be back on the skis!


You just released your latest project OVER TIME. How was that received? We gave it a little nudge on the socials but had to keep quiet you were a new team rider, so we’re stoked to finally celebrate that epic film!

Thank you, we are stoked to receive such a positive response, we put a lot of effort into the film. It was really good working with CK9 studios, the boys put so much work into it, Clay Mitchell and Simon Shave did a great job, it was our first time working together.  We wanted to create something special and powerful, and inspire people in all walks of life, to live to the fullest. We really appreciate everyone’s positive response. We’re already deep in planning a new video for this upcoming season, we’re excited to get back out there and back it up.



As always there were some crazy screengrabs to take from that video. What fuels your fire in skiing these days? Is it getting shots like this?

For sure, I love getting those shots when we’re out filming. I love when it all lines up. Those dreamy lines and perfect airs keep me inspired. Skiing pow gets me fired up. My focus is to try and ride as much as possible and keep pushing myself. It just keeps getting better, the more confident I am on my skis, the more fun I’m having. After an epic day of filming I always find myself thinking “how can I shred more lines, or get more laps?” That’s the most challenging part. Park skiing is so fun because you can just do laps all day and session the jumps or whatever. When we’re filming or out skiing in the backcountry a majority of the day is spent either sledding or touring, to get on top of the line, or hopefully lines. That’s what I’m always trying to figure out is how to ride more pow.

The last few seasons I have been really psyched to spend less time building jumps and focus more on riding lines and hitting more natural features. Surfing has been a major inspiration the last few summers and definitely influencing my skiing. I’m looking for fun lines and hits that line up and make sense. I’m not trying to get overexposed out there, I like lines that flow and make sense, so you can ride with confidence and play with it.



In his element.. seeking out natural terrain. Pic cred:


You’ve always been involved with some big names like production company TGR and sponsors like Quiksilver who you signed with last season. How’d you hear about Le Bent and what was it about a little apparel brand from Australia you liked so much?

I hadn’t heard of Le Bent until I met one of the owners at a Cat skiing lodge last season. It was completely random, we met at the top of a run called Cloud 9. The sunset was going off that night, we were filming for OVERTIME in the middle of a sick session. Stoke levels were high. We were getting ready for another lap, then one of the guest Cats rolled up and Simon (Le Bent Co-founder), had a Quiksilver jacket on so naturally I said what’s up! We talked briefly before the run, then that night at the lodge over a beer, he convinced me he makes the best socks in the industry and I was fired up to get a pair of the new Cody Townsend socks to try for myself. As soon as I tried them, I knew the guys at Le Bent weren’t messing around. Socks are often over looked, when your spending long days in the mountains, having good socks can make or ruin your day when you’re out.


What Le Bent products have you particularly enjoyed?

I really like Cody’s Sock, they’re next level! So much thought went into those socks. As soon as you put them on your feet, you feel it. They have all the padding in the right spots, they grip your feet like a glove. Those socks kept my feet feeling good all day!


Obviously, you’re spending most of your time in the backcountry these days, perhaps not quite to the extent that fellow team member Cody Townsend is, but are you also touring a lot too or is it more sled and heli accessed skiing?

Definitely. I’m not on the same mission Cody is on, I’m spending lots of time touring though. Pretty much everyday, even if we’re using the sleds, often we have to park the sleds near the zone and tour for the final approach. I ride a tech set up nearly 100% of the time so I have the option to tour if I need. I also like the lightweight feel and really enjoy walking around in the mountains, especially if we’re filming. Being on slope and walking up next to the line gives you different or extra vantage points, which can really help you dissect and understand the line and it means more once you’re up top. You get less shots so I really want to make every run count! 


'Blisssss'. Pic cred:


In that case, do you like a little more padding in a sock or what do you tend to look for?

I like a medium thick sock with padding in the right spots. If it’s too thick and bulky I often find like I’m swimming in the sock by midday. I like a medium fit with a little extra padding on the toes and around the ankle bones.


We had Cody down here in Aus testing his pro model sock, is that something we could talk you into doing... We know you’ve been surfing a lot in the off-season, ever surfed or skied in Oz?

100% I have never been to Australia. I’m pretty sus on all the sharks that way, but the wildlife and waves look incredible!  I’m ready to come down this next summer and check it out, let’s go!


Ok, so talking Oz is one thing, but if we were to find you in your happy place, that epic spot that feeds the mind-shredding,  where would we need to go? 

Find me on top of some Dinosaur Back Spine lines…  those long dreamy, rippable, surfy spine lines!


So what’s next on the agenda for the season ahead? Will we find you on some more spine lines?

I hope so, I’m planning to go back up to Alaska this spring and Maybe a Japanuary. I will be working on a new film with CK9 studios most the winter and see where the snows at.

I’m feeling healthy and ready to go. I’m hoping we have a good snow year and a Sunny stable spring up here in BC!



Some upside-down action over Mt Hood, OR. Pic cred:


Well Sammy, we appreciate you taking the time to chat and sure are stoked to have you joining le team. Bring on the good times ahead. Yew!

Thank you. Likewise!  I’m Stoked to be part of the team and looking forward to all the good times! YEEOW!



Age: 30

Hometown: Revelstoke, BC

Home Resort:

Nationality: USA

Sponsors: Quiksilver, Monster Energy Drink, Armada Skis, Oakley, Dakine, FullTilt

Favourite Le Bent gear:  Cody T.'s Sock - LE SEND

Follow Sammy here:


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