When you thought it couldn't get much more insane, Russ Henshaw throws down a dub cork 1170 to rail.


Here's what was going through the mind of a madman.

Congratulations on stomping the first ever double cork to rail. Thanks mate. I’m super stoked to walk away from that trick in 1 piece.

How good was it to finally get a chance to nail this trick, especially at your home resort. This trick has literally been playing on my mind for the last four or so years. I’ve always thought it was possible but it wasn’t a trick you could just do on any kind of set up. I’d tried to organise getting the features built in the past for film shoots but for some reason or another it just never happened until this year with Perisher. I’m lucky enough to have Perisher and Redbull as sponsors and without those guys I wouldn't have been able to organise getting this feature built.
I was obviously pretty nervous in the lead up to the day of trying the trick. But once I landed it I felt like a weight had been lifted and my mind was almost at ease knowing I wouldn’t be wondering anymore if it was possible.

What was going through your head prior to dropping in? Nothing. I know that sounds stupid but when you are in the zone your body takes over and you are thinking of nothing. It's almost as if your body goes into cruise control and from there on out everything just happens. Its a hard one to explain really.

What’s next for Russ Henshaw? I want to compete for as long as my body allows me and then I would like to slowly start moving into filming in the backcountry!

We are certainly stoked for you mate, fly that flag for Australia!

Filmed and Edited by Lucas Wilkinson.


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