Reasons to Get 3/4 Base Layer Bottoms for Men

Reasons to Get 3/4 Base Layer Bottoms for Men

There were around 61 million ski visits in the United States during the 2021 and 2022 seasons. That percentage was up nearly 3.5% compared to previous years. One of the biggest reasons ski numbers have increased is that the recent COVID-19 pandemic pushed more people to try outdoor activities. 

Whether you are a skier enthusiast or are just starting out, you likely know the discomfort and struggles of staying warm and comfortable inside ski boots. What if we told you that 3/4 bottom base layer pants were your solution?

These refined base layer pants are versatile and comfortable and can make a difference in your upcoming ski season. Better yet, purchasing them now gives you a chance to try them with other outdoor activities before winter comes full swing. 

Luckily, in our complete guide, we will review the benefits of 3/4 bottoms for skiing and snowboarding and why they are increasing in popularity. 

Rising Popularity of 3/4 Bottoms for Skiing

When shopping for men's base layer pants, you have likely encountered the 3/4 length base layer pants. A base layer under ski pants or other outdoor clothing is critical for maintaining ideal body temperature while helping you move across the mountain. 

Bamboo and merino wool are two materials ideal for 3/4 base layers. Rayon from bamboo is softer and more breathable than 100% wool products.

It also works at diffusing static, helps those with skin sensitivities, and blends seamlessly with merino wool. 

Merino wool comes from the Merino sheep and is softer, more elastic, and more breathable than traditional wool. It is also more comfortable and has top-tier odor-resistant properties.

By combining both merino wool and rayon from bamboo, you are treated to the best of both and the perfect material for a first-on-skin base layer.

Reason for the 3/4 Base Layer Hype

Choosing a 3/4 base layer has several advantages, including better fit, comfort, breathability, circulation, and more. The LÉ BENT base layer for men stops mid-calf, allowing for higher footwear or ski boots. The versatility of a 3/4 base layer allows you to wear it under shorts or on its own for cooler outdoor jogs or cycling. 

High-quality base layers will also have seamless designs, eliminating chafing or itchiness. Ultimately, the 3/4 base layer is ideal for multi-purpose outdoor activities and is more comfortable and versatile than many full-length designs. 

1. Helps Maintain Blood Flow to the Feet

When you shop for ski base layer pants, you understand the importance of helping maintain blood flow to the feet. If the clothing or footwear is too restrictive, it can limit circulation and lead to discomfort in a short time. 

A ¾ cut will ensure proper blood flow in the lower limbs.

2. Keeps the Feet Warm

Merino base layer pants are ideal for keeping you warm in sub-zero temperatures. By improving blood flow to your feet, you will also notice that your feet will stay warmer. Base layers should be lightweight, moisture-wicking, and insulating. 

You can choose from several base layer weights or ‘thicknesses’. Typically, the lighter the base layer, the more it is suited for higher-intensity activities or milder temperatures.

Conversely, the heavier weight, the more insulation the base layer provides. Picking a lightweight 3/4 base layer gives you the flexibility of using it for cold ski trips, running, outdoor cycling, hiking, and more. 

3. Eliminates Blisters, Hotspots, and Chafe

One of the primary ways 3/4 ski pants prevent blisters and hotspots is the absence of folds.  Being a ¾ cut already, these base layers are built to be ‘boot friendly’ and don’t require you to roll up any of the material to be above the boot — as the length naturally concludes around the mid-shin. 

Chafing happens when fabric or clothing rubs against the skin and typically occurs near the inner thigh, groin, or buttocks. While there are several home remedies you can use to combat chafing, one of the best ways is to choose high-quality clothing with a soft fabric composition like merino wool and bamboo rayon. 

Best Socks to Pair With Your 3/4 Base Layer

Ultimately, your base layer pants can significantly affect how your feet feel in cold temperatures. Pairing them with quality material socks can be a game-changer for your ski season. Look at ski socks that cover up to your mid-calf, slightly longer than the length of your ski boot and be sure never to

 wear your socks over your base layers. You want to keep both separate to avoid bulk and the potential of rubbing in ski boots.

Get Your 3/4 Bottoms Base Layer Pants at LÉ BENT!

Have you wondered if a 3/4 bottom base layer is worth it? In short: yes! These newly redefined base layers help circulation and warmth while avoiding chafing and blisters commonly seen around skiers' shins, calves, and feet. 

You can ride more comfortably on the mountain and have a versatile base layer bottom you can wear on your outdoor jobs or other adventures. LÉ BENT specializes in quality outdoor gear, including socks, baselayers, headwear, and much more. 

Are you ready to see the difference? Check out our products to get started today!

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