The LÉ BENT Guide to Choosing Trail Running Socks

The LÉ BENT Guide to Choosing Trail Running Socks


Trail running is an invigorating experience. Nature's sights, sounds, and smells are healing and therapeutic for your body. It's also a great alternative to the repetition of running on roads. 

The good thing about trail running is that you don't need much gear. You can pack light and get moving quickly, but there are a few items you'll want to have with you.

One of the most important items you'll need is a pair of trail running socks. The best trail running socks will keep you from overheating and help keep you dry and comfortable.

But how do you choose the right pair? 

Fabric Matters

Choosing the right fabric for your socks is vital, as you'll want them to be comfortable, breathable, and durable. Let's go over what materials to use and which you should avoid.

Best Fabric for Trail Running Socks

The best fabrics for trail socks are natural fibers like merino wool. Merino wool is naturally odor-resistant, breathable, and moisture-wicking. Merino trail running socks are incredibly comfortable and perfect for running on rough terrain.

Fabric Types to Avoid

You'll want to steer clear of cotton because it can cause issues while running trails. Cotton holds moisture which can cause painful blisters. Synthetic materials like polyester and nylon work more effectively but aren't odor-resistant like wool.

Key Features

After choosing the proper material for your trail socks, you'll want to look for the key features that make them worthwhile pieces of gear. The following features are for both men's trail running socks and women's trail running socks, so let's dive in!



Running socks need to fit perfectly. You'll want them to fit snugly on your feet without feeling loose or too tight and constricting. This ensures maximum comfort and support while you're trail running.

Loose-fitting socks will cause discomfort and may cause blisters on your feet. They can also bunch up in your shoes and become a distraction when you're trying to focus on the unfolding trail in front of you.


The thickness of your running socks is a matter of preference. If you're running in cold weather, you may want to choose a thicker pair of socks. If the temperature is warm, choosing a thinner pair of socks is a better choice.

Additionally, the thickness of your socks will affect how breathable they are during your trail running experience. Thicker socks are less breathable than thinner socks.

Finally, the thickness will play a part in how cushioned the socks feel within your shoes. Depending on the thickness of your shoe's midsole, you may prefer an ultralight sock or a light sock with strategic cushioning under the forefoot. Again, this is a matter of preference and location. 


The best running socks are highly breathable, meaning your feet can adequately get air and wick away sweat. If your trail socks aren't breathable, you may end up with blisters and sweaty feet. The socks should also be able to perform while wet as on many occasions while trail running, you may be forced to run through puddles — especially in races.

Ideally, you'll want to buy trail socks that are insulative, keep your feet dry, and regulate body temperature. 

Ankle Support

Ankle support is vital for trail running. You need to ensure your trail running socks have some level of ankle support because rugged trail terrains can cause ankle injuries. 

Make sure your running socks comfortably grip your ankles to provide support. The rougher the terrain, the more support you'll want from your socks.

Arch Support

Arch support is a must for avid trail runners, especially if you suffer from common conditions like plantar fasciitis.

Some trail running socks will provide support under your arch or heels. And support in these areas is also a great feature if you have high arches.


The length of your socks will depend on a few different factors. Shorter socks will feel less warm and supportive around the ankles. They're recommended for warmer temperatures. 

Longer socks can help wick sweat away from your feet, provide additional warmth, and protect your ankles from debris that may flick up on the trail. In addition, they're better for colder temperatures. Trail running crew or ¾ crew socks are a great choice and provide a balanced length.

Zero Seams

Seams are uncomfortable, and there shouldn't be any in your trail running socks! Seams can cause friction while running, decreasing comfort and performance. Instead, opt for socks with a ghost seam and Y-heel stitch for the best trail running experience.

Why ChooseLÉ BENT Socks?

LÉ BENT trail socks are designed to provide maximum comfort and performance. Our socks will transform your trail running experience!

LÉ BENT Socks are Equipped with The Definitive Fit System™

LÉ BENT's Definitive Fit System™ makes our trail running socks comfortable and functional.This  system delivers you form-fitting socks, strategic stitching, and quality elastics. These features provide a better fit and support where you need it most.

LÉ BENT Socks Offer Perfect Breathability

LÉ BENT trail running socks regulate your body temperature. They'll keep you warm when it's cold and help you stay cool in warmer temperatures thanks to the composition of natural materials. In addition, our socks wick away moisture and keep you comfortable during your entire run.

LÉ BENT Socks Features Our Signature Merino and Rayon Blend

LÉ BENTsocks are made from a technical blend of merino wool and rayon from bamboo. These two exceptional materials blend to create a truly unique trail running sock that unlocks the best of both fibers.

The rayon delivers luxurious, anti-itch softness and supreme comfort. The merino wool helps regulate your body temperature, control odors, and adds even more comfort.

Together, they form our premium fabric blend that keeps you dry and focused on the trails.

Get Your Trail Socks atLÉ BENT!

LÉ BENT socks are unlike any trail running socks you've experienced before. We offer trail socks for men and trail socks for women, and we guarantee you'll love them!

For trail running socks in Australia, visit our store and experience them for yourself!

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